Talent Acquisition

Because we believe every business challenge needs a human touch

Having the right team of people has always been crucial for organizations, so companies have always been looking for the best people suited for the right role. We help companies to have the right people responsible to execute the strategies through our partner BMA Group.
Together, we make sure we find the right people in accordance to our clients’ values, principles and with the required technical and personal capabilities, managing and monitoring if it is required, big teams of people for some of our customers and their processes, which require high performance teams up to the task.

Our approach

The construction of a high-performance team is a holistic exercise that begins with the design of each of the roles that collaborate in the organization. The BeJarvis/BMA Group methodology is one that strategically reviews the organizations goals and organizes the collaboration in the design of the roles to group motivational requirement, skills, and behavior to ensure retention, capability and success. These components are included throughout the model in the design of the job descriptions, in the sourcing of candidates, in the vetting of new hires, throughout the training, goal setting, performance management and reviews of each one of the participants in relation to their role in the organization.
The BMA recruiting process is a three-step process that takes the candidates through a funnel to ensure that the result is a motivated, capable, and successful employee. These are the three steps in the vetting:
- Motivational Compatibility
- Technical assessments
- Behavioral interviews
When recommending a candidate, Bejarvis and BMA Group make sure the person has Motivational Compatibility, Technical Capability and we do a background check, which is done combining human insight with the use of technology & data sources.

Making it happen

At BMA. the recruiting model is one that is sourcing talent constantly. We use artificial intelligence to distribute content throughout social media and different online outlets to engage with possible candidates. This type of engagement allows us to create and maintain an ever-ready talent bank. Through the distribution of this content and interaction with our smart chatbots, the prospective candidates share with us their interest, their information and remain engaged with the brand. We use the concept of reciprocity to provide constant education and knowledge to candidates in our talent pool so that when we call upon them, they respond quickly. The recruitment model is constantly interviewing and qualifying candidates so that there is a healthy pipeline to support rotation and growth.
Recruiters and sourcing agents are industry specialized. We believe that this specialization gives them an advantage in the staffing market. Their expertise generates intelligence about who is where and what companies are hiring. This model also provides us with market intelligence regarding competition and compensation in the industry to make the adjustments necessary to remain competitive as an employer.
Our process is agile. Given that we are constantly sourcing our talent pool, when the need arises to deliver a qualified candidate to fulfill a business requirement, we are ready with interviewed candidates, ensuring they provide value from their start, through our support processes as training (learning center), performance management, compensation planning, engagement, and talent management.

Creating impact

In Partnership with BMA group, www.bmagroup.com, we operate in 23 countries throughout the Americas, the Caribbean and Europe since 1997, with more than 200.000 people hired and managed, working in a daily basis with fortune 100 clients.
We work across sectors such as Consumer, Financial Services, Transportation, Health Care & Life Sciences; and across practices such as Distribution & Supply Chain, Finance, IT, Commercial & Operations.
Our services have helped many organizations achieve success beyond their expectations.
You could be next.
Talent acquisition
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