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Delivering results

We take care of your more burdensome or critical processes, providing and managing functional/operational teams to ensure you achieve your goals, while saving time, effort, and costs. We are committed with you to long term performance improvement, with agreed KPIs and targets.

Sales force organization

Acting as an extension of your team, deploying sales muscle when and where it is more needed

We provide and manage sales teams adapted to your needs, both in scope and time, with the flexibility to ensure you achieve your targets while being able to adjust to market conditions or to special requirements.

Data analytics as a service

Unlocking the power of data

Our team’s expertise, implanted in your organization, will drive you throughout your data-driven journey. It will build a Data Culture with proven best practices to elevate people with the power of data to new levels of understanding/insights for enhancing decision making.

Procurement as a service

Fast-tracking improvement in costs, quality, and service

Deploying/integrating in our client organization an experienced team to uplift the procurement function from a transactional role to a strategic partner to the business that proactively contributes to the business and functional stakeholders applying our proven procure-to-pay processes on agreed categories.

Partnering to evolve customer relationship

Engaging customers for mutual benefit

Designing and managing Engagement/Loyalty Programs from behavioral, data-based customer insights to offer personalized benefits, targeted communications and nudging the desired customer behaviors.

Fleet-management Platform as a Service

A comprehensive solution for managing frictionless customer mobility experiences

Partnering with you to drive greater customer focus and build business value through a best-in-class fleet management platform as a service.

Sharing pools

Proven ways to boost stores’ performance through a data-driven shared Human Resources model

Unconventional but proven ways to boost stores through an outsourced pool that combined technology, shared human resources, and flexible processes was arranged and operated as a platform to enhance value through store operations at site level.

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