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Powered by AI

We provide technological solutions for augmenting people capabilities by enabling people and machines to work collaboratively, integrating the power of AI technologies into specific decision-making processes and rethinking how to operate and compete to better benefit from the new paradigms.

Coping with demand uncertainty to manage retail outlet profitability

Dynamically manage staffing levels and job assignments at retail or foodservice chains using real-time data and self -adjusting algorithm modelling.

Transforming the procurement function in the age of AI

We combine new technoilogies to unlock the power of data and of cross-category fertilization through a recommendation engine that provides insights on Requirements, events, SRM, fraud.

Transforming audits into valuable insights

A smart glasses/tablet-based solution to provide fieldwork inspectors directions on what and where to inspect and insights on instant remediation actions for non-conformities. The solution enables real-time data and knowledge sharing between experts and remote workers and simplifies report and action plan preparation.

AI enabled sales force management

How the development of a best-in-class Sales operating model enabled by AI, boosts both brand growth and efficiency, allowing a sales force to focus on creating great customer interactions.

Internet of Things applied to distribution

What if fridges/shelves could talk?

IoT enabled information capture through smart sensors at the shelves to detect consumption in refrigerated food to automatically plan refilling orders, optimizing delivery routing, and gathering information for forecasting.

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