AI enabled sales-force management

How the development of a best-in-class Sales operating model enabled by AI, boosts both brand growth and efficiency

Why augmented human?

Some will see modest short-term productivity gains. But others -by understanding and taking advantage of the true nature of AI’s impact- will attain breakthrough improvements in performance, often by developing game-changing innovations.
Information AI provided
(Very) Useful information to increase productivity and impact to the customers, to be executed or not by the rep.
“You haven’t visited this HCP in the last 3 months and according the segmentation it needs to be visited.”
“Around you there are 5 more HCPs with non visit scheduled.”

Augmented capabilities powered by AI
Manage Sales activity (planning, personalization, engagement plan, actions provided by feedback, …) through a machine - people interface (tablet with CRM) focusing the rep activity exclusively on the interaction with HCP/POS.
* According with the last feedback and orders, this HCP/POS has changed its profile, so the new visit planing for this year has been loaded in your agenda, with the new personalized engagement plan. The reminder for the visit scheduling has been also loaded. Please remember this HCP/POS doesn’t attend calls at the afternoon. Looking forward four feedback”.
Our understanding of the application of currently available technologies, such IoT, AI, AR, robotization, etc., that can increase the capabilities of people to achieve extraordinary results, very often accompanied by new ways of working, allows a wide range of possibilities for the deconstruction of paradigms that are traditionally deeply rooted in mature industries, opening up new futures of competitiveness and sustainability.
The implementation of an AI that facilitates the commercial effort of Sales Force is already a proven future that offers many possibilities to substantially increase the impact on commercial management…
…. From ensuring excellent execution, to continuous learning based on feedback and results, to gradually adapting in an automated way the content of the visits, the frequency of the interaction, the personalization of the interaction, (re)segmentation and agenda planning. Thus, allowing the representative to focus on the most important (human) task: the moment of interaction with the Customer.

How to achieve a highly effective sales operating model to build a long-lasting competitive advantage for the future?

How to achieve a highly effective sales operating model to build a long-lasting competitive advantage for the future?
The construction of a competitive advantage in commercial management opens the possibility to accelerate the growth of companies, especially in complex environments with large geographically distributed networks and a high number of daily interactions. where automated knowledge management can make a difference, solving some of the challenges in managing commercial networks like…
• … the need to maintain and reinforce a sense of belonging of commercial representatives with the aim of increasing their motivation, a key element in a person’s performance, without exponentially increasing the indirect costs associated with supervision and management. How do we keep the right business development tension in a sustained and positive way?
• … the need for medium-term planning of the sales representatives’ agendas, based on criteria of real impact, as well as the personalization of the visit based on the clients’ interests. How do we ensure an effective execution that can be sustained and easily controlled over time?
• … the need to ensure and facilitate, within a continuous improvement process, a precise and efficient execution of the representative’s activity planning. How do we make sure that schedule planning and execution are aligned with the customer´s needs?
• … the need to clear away unproductive time and focus on the preparation of the visit and the moment of interaction. How do we free up time to maximize customer interactions?

The Challenge

The complexity to manage a geographically disperse multi cultural customer base maintaining and continuously improving a high sales performance.

Applying leading technologies and AI to deliver a learning real-time improvement process, able to manage and evolve the field sales representative’s activity according to the impacts achieved

What if we could create a virtual assistant to help the field rep. focus on the customer interaction, while the AI is managing a perfectly seamless & synchronized execution, involving people, processes and technology. Where AI takes the leadership for planning, learning and continuously improving, allowing Sales Force to focus on the most important link: the customer interaction.
The state of the art for artificial intelligence is currently in one of the least explored branches, reinforcement learning. Reinforcement Learning is a type of machine learning technique that enables an agent to learn in an interactive environment by trial and error using feedback from its own actions and experiences.
Tracking the activities made by a sales representative, as well as the feedback received from all the interactions that they are having with the customers, we are able to have a global understanding of what is going on in the field and improve it on real time basis.

Creating impact

The deployment of these ways of working provides companies the opportunity to growth their profitability by measuring, learning, and improving continuously the customer impact effectiveness, increasing sales, in some cases, by more than ~25%.
AI enabled sales force management
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